Left to right: Lindsey LaPointe, Mary Smith, Loretta Durbin (Board Member), Sarah Garza Resnick, Justine Miele, Angela Inzano, Stacie Barton Hackler, Amy Rueff, Anna Koeppel, Tiffany Hightower, Mary Lynam Miller, Chemberly Cummings, Aimee Ramirez

Stacie Barton Hackler
Senate Aide, United States Senate
Springfield, Illinois

Chemberly Harris-Cummings
Technical Analyst, State Farm Insurance
Normal, Illinois

Sarah Garza Resnick
Chief of Staff, Cook County Assessor’s Office
Chicago, Illinois

Tiffany D. Hightower
Executive Director, Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation
Chicago, Illinois

Angela Inzano
Policy & Advocacy Specialist, ACLU of Illinois
Chicago, Illinois

Anna Koeppel
Legislative Director, Illinois Department of Labor
Precinct Committeeperson, Sangamon County
Springfield, Illinois

Lindsey LaPointe
19th District State Representative, State of Illinois
Chicago, Illinois

Mary Lynam-Miller
Executive Director, Southern Illinois Community Support Services
O’Fallon, Illinois

Justine Miele
Lawyer, The Walsh Group
Chicago, Illinois

Aimee Ramirez
Manager of Policy and Advocacy, Chicago Community Trust
Chicago, Illinois

Amy Rueff
Resource Director, Illinois AFL-CIO
Trustee, Decatur Township
Precinct Committeeperson, Decatur County
Decatur, Illinois

Mary Smith
Senior Advisor, Freedman Consulting LLC
Lansing, Illinois