Senator Dick Durbin, IWIL Board Members Barb Brown, Linda Hawker, Loretta Durbin, and Bonnie Ettinger, then-Senator Barack Obama, and IWIL Class of 2005

Sheila Chalmers-Currin
President and Mayor, Village of Matteson
Matteson, Illinois

Susana Darwin
Director, Burmese Tiger Trap Productions
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Michelle Feldman
Attorney, Lake County Government
Former Board Member, Lake County Board
Deerfield, Illinois

Anne Flanigan-Bassi
Township Supervisor, Moraine Township
Highland Park, Illinois

Rianne Hawkins
Deputy Director of Advocacy and Campaigns, Planned Parenthood of Illinois
Springfield, Illinois

Asra Husain
Contractors Negotiator, University of Wisconsin Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Naperville, Illinois

Hanah Jubeh
Founder and CEO, P2 Consulting
Chicago, Illinois

Alice Mullinax
County Clerk and Recorder, Richland County
Parkersburg, Illinois

Breton O’Neill
Special Agent, Illinois Police
Darien, Illinois

Barbara Osborne
Business Consultant.
Lisle, Illinois

Dian Powell
Social Worker
Chicago, Illinois

Lisa Stanley
Township Supervisor, Decatur Township
Decatur, Illinois